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Versuri Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit

Lords of the ancient live tell Prevalance of a supreme horde Vicious snarling goatdemonz Of 8foot jet black steel horns With razor sharp serpentlike tails They flagellate and lash Brutallity vomiting the heavens With black biochemical disease! Puking upon The ugly face Of your god Puking upon The holy face Of swines to die Spewing forth Black semen Viral pus and blood Regurgitate Lethal seeds of hate Spill to kill Bestial genocidal Goatfuckingvomit Bestial genocidal Goatfuckingvomit Bathoric vomit attack World of jesus decaying Spreading the pestilence Evil outbreak of disease Forever! Acidic thunderous vomitstorms Goatdemons borne on crooked wings Flood realms of frost and fire And unto all of those Trapped in this rain of puke Deteriorot your corroding carrion!

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