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Versuri Abominate Fornicate Desecrate!

Battles, raging ferocious Slaughters, cruel and cold Decapitation of false messiahs Ceremonial fornication Of the virgin mother whore Spit semen upon her face! Throughout aeons, we destroy their fucking cross Kingdom of weakest power We defecate your christian faith Dismantling the heavens Deadly blessings of bestial fire Abominate, fornicate, desecrate! Commandment of highest order Impurest blasphemies blast the heavens Cremains raining down from hellfernal skies! Chained to tarnished altars of gold Spread wide succulent nunwhores Commence the necro orgasmic ritual Slit their throats upon their sexual climax Sowing a thousand imperial seeds of abomination Fertilized headless whores Each engraved in steel cocoons Watch the birth of fierce proud infernal demons Hail the birth of fierce proud infernal legions We promised you nothing but a whirlwind of hateful death! We promised you nothing but a maelstrom of blackest death! We promised you nothing but to slay your god and detonate We promised you nothing but to krush your soul and desecrate! Raise up your atomic weapons And aim sky high Sodomizing the heavens Over time Endless Abominate! Fornicate! Desecrate! Kingdom of weakest power

Cantece asculta versuri muzica cuvintele melodia versuri Impiety cuvintele Abominate Fornicate Desecrate!. mp3 asculta muzica muzica straina ultima melodie cantece.

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