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[narration:] Tired and submissive Lying down on the black altar She waits passive and anguished A frost silence glides into the assembly [priest reflection:] Only my invocation resounds in the heads of the followers [priest with the crowd:] - Glory to you Ounis - Praise be to Ounis [the priest:] - So her blood may quench your thirst - So her meat may appease your hunger - For you we'll eat the red crown - For you we'll lick the green crown [priest with the crowd:] - Glory to you Ounis - Praise be to Ounis [narration:] The blade penetrates deeply in the young flesh All together copulate with the bloody wounds [the priest:] Here's the theatre of our dreams - This is the beauty of absurdity [priest with the crowd:] - Glory and praise be to Ounis

Cuvinte cantece piesa piesa. Bestial Devotion melodiei mp3 cantece muzica straina descarca asculta versuri Samael versuri asculta.

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