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Versuri Behind The Iron Mask

In an empty room eyes without a face. They are stirring other images, glimpses of a distant life, of a gone life. The hands cannot identify the face Behind the Iron Mask Dim is within on the plane of the mind a kneeled spirit under the boot of fear cleansed with torture traped in purity by the whip. Daggers from sound penetrate resistance behind each one, a Holy inquisitor. Mouths reveal the presence of haunted beings unworthy to be said alive. Open the window Release the spirit from this empty body Behind the Iron Mask Draining pleasures from mental wounds a need opposed to false excuses unveils the greatest beast.

Muzica descarca Behind The Iron Mask descarca versuri versuri muzica straina Septic Flesh cuvinte descarca. Cuvintele melodia album album cantece.

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