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[mad child] Star struck, awkward glances, rock phenomenally Armed with honesty, doven wove in tapestry Of obscenity, eliminate the enemy Watch closely, Im what youre pretending to be We took the turn inpenetrable, and fine tuned it Cleared the path, laughed and walked past the wounded You shouldnt have assumed wed take time to breath Fuck tricks, Ive got alot more weapons up my sleeve Ill tell you when Im finished, Im armed to armageddon Hard headed with the steel ball pulse heart imbedded Its hard to believe this is controlled by a brain Theyre retired because Im wired for sound with iron lanes If at first we suceed try again Im turning verses into fire by applying pain Manslaughter in the first, incidence of red Confidence is king, innocence is dead [prevail] Over the course, something like life-endorsed Ive entered the mother ship, terminated the denver airport Too many guns in the air, youre about to be prepared for Youve heard us speak, attention should be second nature Or maybe you enjoy being severly severed By sacred sabres uppin for plegance to break the paranoid Youre about the dreamscape, we fought with backlash Yall gonna see my phoenix rise out my black ass Tads cash, a loss of breath The only three certain things in this life and death Corrosive breath, fermented tissue acid test You trying to tell me entertaining is a time exspense Any event of contact, to clack Draw my herd man, verb back and see what goes black Elevated elements, and the knowing guards We know the future without the use of the tarot card versuri piesa Battle Axe Exclusive. Muzica cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele melodiei melodiei muzica versuri ultima melodie Swollen Members.

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