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[prevail] Iím posted in the brightest colors available A bright neon sign that says all mcís alienable My shiftings is unscalable Take key to the contouring shape of the dagger in my cape Four fifty one, right hand circle and circle weight I be ablaze to take position as a leader of the mission To expose the fall the handplay of filthy composed magicians Thereís been objectings to the way that I present my nameís sake Too ? gwad? for some horizons when I rise like landscape. [chorus] [madchild] Follow my lead and walk towards the light It is I who encompasses doom consuming fright. [prevail] Iím bad, my nickname is a circuit breaker Eating up the world acre by acre. [madchild] Rock star reflections scalping a diamond destiny Dynasty of the slanted crushed black velvet and safire Psycho circuits of carnage thatís unbelievably evil Blood trickling temper of pure golden retriever Iím inspired by the sun, envision orange and purple Mental games of enslavement strengthen the sacred circle And lengthen mystic adventure, I ride path of destruction Mysterious elves now cringed of my introduction Iím madchild new king of scalp crushing confusion Demons dress to kill but itís an optical illusion This is an invasion of purified creation Iím star gazing blazing infernal of fear In the third dimension among the living itís quite clear (which way did he go? ) Iím right here Master of my universe gaurdian of our galaxy The fallacy annihilates itís I of course Iíll rip, with the hippest trip wire force Twentieth century trojans in an iron horse I endorse myself as a dope product donít get caught up In the web, of the wicked killer spider youíll get swallowed. [(repeat chorus) 2x] [prevail] Imagine the venom in my jaw When it drives your body into recall Cause sooner or later then hangman will call And Iíll be right there with him, black suit and all So you made ? humafisto? and hexagons a crystal When he arrives at your doorstep with money by the fistful. [(repeat chorus) 2x]

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