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Floating (inatankofhatredfuel) with nowhere to hide unspoken (10000thousandthoughtsanhourandrising) twist back inside How did we get here Life don't belong here Feel like I just never tried to find a way back to the outside it stops me from breathing kills all the dreaming TALKING TO YOU FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF A WALL IN MY MIND AND IT'S CLEAR THAT YOU'RE NEAR TO ME. THINK I FOUND A WAY TO UNDERSTAND WHY I COULDN'T SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING THE FEAR OVERCAME ME.TOOK A TRIP ON THE INSIDE I TOOK A TRIP ON THE INSIDE I TRY TO HOLD ON 'TIL THIS FEELING IS GONE.BREAK THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE NEED TO BREAK THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE OF EVERYTHING... I just can't lay down and die it takes a lifetime to understand why it seems that you need me but you don't seem to hear me Talking to you from the other side of a wall...sickshitsickshitsickshitsickshitsickshitsick shit....

Versuri album album cuvintele Anathema muzica straina versuri Barriers Rock piesa cuvintele. versurile descarca cantece cuvinte versurile cuvinte asculta.

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