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Versuri A Fine Day To Exit

Long way from home nowhere to go what made the river so cold the sweat of thoughts trickle down my brow soaking and stinging my eye tell tale sighs and cries of dreams unFULFILLED and time is running DRY PANIC stricken bloodshot hearts TRY TO RESTART but no longer build the well to survive sweet oblivion I got these feelings and I don't know why I see all my fears in the darkness of light WHAT MADE THE RIVER SO COLD? never anyone to rearrange and fall to time inside the EMPTY call to the blameless I am faithless placid dying eyes you gotta face it head on so you can't turn this thing around cos this ain't right you have to go eye to eye raise your face to the sky cos this ain't right I got to believe when I say only this is the way

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