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Down fell the stars, as they Splashed into the sea. "Mi nomine Baphomet", Come dance with me. Sacrifice the virgins, Spiritual rites. Their master's time has come, The moon is full tonight. Drinking, dancing, They worship, and toast The devil, who's watching, With demon's remote. Fire, rising, Racing in your blood. Possessed, naive, His service is done. Bloody blasphemy. Sinister's the word, As the demon's take their fill. An orgy's taking place, Human blood will spill. An act of worship, As they conceive the ghouls. Satan has their souls, They sing pagan tunes. The ceremony, Is sure to be cursed. They ask for his blessings, But, down comes the worst. Their bodies, soulless, A corpse from the grave. Their minds are helpless, And, no-one can save [x 5], No-one can save them [oh no]. [x 2] versuri melodia Bad omen versuri Megadeth muzica cuvintele ultima melodie. Album ultima melodie piesa ultima melodie descarca melodia cuvinte cantece melodia Rock muzica straina.

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