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(Lee Brilleaux/Johnny Guitar) Went down to the employment agency lookin' for a job I put on my finest clothes surley not a slob First thing that you got to do is fill in a questionare I beat up the doorman I got tossed out on my ear I've got the bums rush again Picked myself up, dusted off, only only bruised my pride I saw a local barroom and I thought I step inside I can see the barman watching thinking I'm a fool I got up sort(?) it out I fell of my stool I've got the bums rush again I've got the bums rush again - Guitar Solo - Thought I find another bar then I saw some lights I want some female company not looking for a fight I knew that I can have the pick of all the women there I just started steamin' in when someone grabbed my head Jerked my head back spun me around and slapped me round the ear Maybe someones wonderin' just what I'm doin here The biggest woman I've ever seen dragged me to my feet (She) grabbed my wrists, brokr my nose, threw me in the street I've got the bums rush again I've got the bums rush again I've got the bums rush again

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