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(Wilko Johnson) I'm an easy going kind of man I really am But I can tell there's trouble close at hand You know I can Heard your name in town You've been walking round Acting like a clown Then I'll understand That you've got Another man (8 x) You can stay out anytime at night Do what you like Even come spoiling for a fight But thats alright I keep my cool before But I just can't take no more When I hear my best friend talking behind his hand All about Another man (8 x) - Guitar Break - I know you can rock me on the floor Til I get sore But just one of those little smiles of yours And I want more You got plenty of the things your daddy loves But there's one thing that you've got that I just won't stand I'm talking about Another man (7 x) Another man Another man Another man

Melodia ANOTHER MAN album melodiei versurile. Cuvinte cantece cantece Dr. Feelgood versuri descarca versuri melodiei asculta cantece muzica straina.

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