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I met a new one and she looks just like you She gives me everything that you didn't want to And maybe I don't need saving after all She sticks in my ribs almost better than you did And maybe I'm tired or maybe she glows I wonder if you're still defending I wonder if you're still defending Met someone with your eyes and skin I can convince her of everything And baby, it's so delicious you should Come here and see for yourself I'm gone, you said, if this is all there isΓ’€Β¦ You'll never shine alone And I wonder if you're still defending I wonder if you're still defending You've been so wrong For so long now (I can fall alone if all if I can fall away) I've kissed others lips And they promised me healing It's easy if you try

Album ultima melodie versurile muzica piesa muzica straina cantece asculta piesa. Matt Nathanson versurile melodia versuri versurile versuri Answering Machine

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