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Versuri Somewhere To Hide

She said come along with me, I've got offerings for you my sweet, sweet boy she promised warmth too, but I knew better her words broke hot against my neck and tasting the sweet, sweet numb of regret on my lips I filled my pockets and closed the door and I tasted all I'd left behind, then shameful I crawled naked Searching for somewhere to hide And in the end she said it was memorable and comfortable but funny, I wouldn't have used those words the secrecy and her bed, it was choking me with a knot in my gut you have beautiful empty eyes, I'm sure of that much Oh princess open your eyes and close your mouth else all that spite you swallow willingly , it just might fall out and I've seen you smile wide, I've seen you at your best and it left me feeling sick inside and unimpressed and I tasted all I'd left behind, but shameful I crawled naked Searching for somewhere to hide

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