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(Paul Foglino) for Amazing Dolores Amazing Dolores saw an angel in the trailer park She talked to him like he was really there Amazing Dolores has 50 years behind her She's got two ex-husbands, she's got great big hair Amazing Dolores was called to be a singer A lot of folks don't seem to understand Amazing Dolores sings the songs the way she hears them She hears the beat of a different drummer, She hears the tune of a pickup band CHORUS Amazing Dolores sings the words of the Holy Spirit With a heart from rhythm and blues Amazing Dolores, lonely voice, hallelujah chorus There's gospel cheer and ice cold beer Grace is where you find it here Every Wednesday night at the Empty Glass Saloon Amazing Dolores saved herself for Elvis Found herself in Janis, she never sticks to the melody Amazing Dolores hears these voices in her head They sing along with her, she don't need psychology CHORUS Amazing Dolores knows people think she's funny She thinks people are funny too Amazing Dolores doesn't care what people say This is the way it's supposed to be This is the work she was called to do CHORUS Amazing Dolores piesa versurile. Cuvinte A Global Threat muzica straina descarca melodia asculta versuri cuvintele muzica versuri.

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