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(Paul Foglino) There will always be someone to tell you what to do And there will be someone to see you try and laugh at you Now I'm too dumb to get right But I'm dumb enough to try tonight And I'm sure there'll be someone out there laughing at me too CHORUS I sure have spent a lot of nights in worse ways than this I sure have spent a lot of nights in worse ways than this But you know that don't mean I'm having a good time tonight You can be a kid in Sunday clothes Trying way to hard to strike a natural pose Or a singer where he don't belong Trying to hide behind a song And he's not even sure if he remembers how it goes CHORUS You can stir your coffee with your thumb You can beat on a saxophone you can blow into a drum It's easy to find rules to break There's so many mistakes to make And I'll just stay right here till I've made every single one CHORUS

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