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Versuri All Men Fear Women

Well let me tell you about, what it feels like, to be scared of, of a woman Always worry about she'll find out I'm not her kind of a man Listen to my warning hear what I say don't be concerned it's ok to be afraid Oh-no, why do I need this for why can't put it down Oh-no why do I need this for fear bringing down There's a coinspiracy in the powder room they're going to the bathroom in pairs To rap about why men don't communicate no wonder no man dares Yeah man, she bob fling to foot and leave me feel soaked, I always think she's laughing but I love to think I'm no joke So play with my emotions even though I'm no toy All she does is act cow and I'm converted to a little by Afraid of the broken heart from the start Don't start and we will apart till I depart play smart and listen to my worries hear what they say Don't be too concerned cause it's ok to be afraid

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