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Versuri Adrenaline

[Intro][Prodigy] Yea It's that war shit It's that war shit And you know what dun [Prodigy] It makes you sick to hear the mobb bang like this Infamous for the world to hate or play this Don't give a fuck if you can't rock to this My duns' heads bop to this We stand out like a tourist And make more noise than them other rap niggas No gimmicks Just pure adrenaline Raw lyrics incredible beats Don't mean to rub it in But your small time beneath our feet Straight ass cheeks niggas be askin For ass whippings Guns kick like pelle My big shit be jumping like Jordan Often lay a man down on the floor when it gets like that I'm not blowing off rounds so you can hear sounds So you can run back actin like you a vet And swearin' you dead You survived some real shit Now what's this it's not going down like this Ground y'all niggas like punishment Dumpin' out full clips when we dumb out Though I'd rather do music and chill the fuck out Dun you bugged out I'm trying to walk a peaceful route But niggas always got mouth until that piece come out Niggas always gonna think something sweet Until they least expect you bringing action exactly [Chorus] It be the Guns,money,pussy,cars,drugs,jewels,clothes Brawls,killings,boroughs,buildings,disease,stress,in these,N.Y.C 2X [Havoc] Feel the gat blow while your shit rips My shit'll hit while you lettin' niggas go So you can lower the wrist That'll only put odds against any attempt Any provoke uprise you ain't got it in you First of all you too soft for fastball Point game track y'all merk like a jaguar nascar And be out buck 80 on the slow mar Hennesy spillin' all over my radar Stay charged niggas getting amped off the mobb shit Have you wildin' out on some club shit Fit to make you dance at the same time Stop and glance Slap flames out the nigga with the wrong idea Young shit with young mind but that quite contraire Young nigga smart nigga Who started from the stairs How dare You try to come around the way In fear like a nigga that been there for years Shout words that we live but don't play with it 'Cause when the shit go down you be like they did it [Chorus] [Prodigy] Taste test this Military shit Bitches love this They mans wanna dub this Thugness it ain't easy to find Shit like mine I'm a rare species You's a dime a gross That's a dozen heast the least Keep silence the most Regulate with the rest of my establishment Blast out the pockets of coke Make the cops boat I break down your whole background yo IronsΓ₯† permanent flesh your clothes soakin' You feel the shots pain every heartbeat throbbin' Don't get excited you'll only make it worse fighting Spent most of my nights graveyard shifting Make burial grounds be that man grim reaper With all pleasure Pick your feet up Pick the heat up Let's do it like the crematory Make it hot make the temperature rise like mercury [Havoc] When I feel like getting' bent [Yo don't fuck with it dun] Imma drink away the pain until the brain get numb Can't take all my dogs getting lost in the fog Never to return I guess they heard god's call And nature don't surprise me now Prepare for the worst and never believe the silver line clouds Scrutinize crowds My surroundings Get suspect we start four-poundin' shit Picture me up in the mix With the next man broke and is on my dick A good man of plenty but an enemy it was clear I just be another problem that he feenin' to fix But I can't have that Pull out I try to grab that Caught one nigga like Mahadat [Chorus] [Prodigy singing] Tonight we gon' get this party early So let's get it right

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