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Versuri A Whistling Tune

(Words & music by Edwards - David) Did you ever notice when the sun goes down Out of nowhere comes a strange and pretty sound It's a whistling tune for walking in the night If you listen you can hear it in the breeze Specially when the breeze is drifting through the trees It's a whistling tune for walking in the night And the murmuring waters sing the song The echoing mountains hum along The whispering valleys fill the air With a whistling tune our hearts can share It's so wonderful to walk beneath the moon Listening to old mother nature's favorite tune It's a whistling tune for walking in the night

Versurile melodia A Whistling Tune album melodia muzica straina cuvintele. Asculta muzica Rock piesa melodiei cuvintele cuvintele Elvis Presley ultima melodie versuri versuri.

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