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Versuri A Thing Called Love

(words & music by Jerry Hubbard) Six foot six stood on the ground, weighted 235 pounds But I saw that giant of a man brought down to his knees by love He was the kind of man who would gamble on love Look you in the eye and never back up But I saw him crying like a little whipped pup because of love Can't see it with your eyes, hold it in your hands Like the rules that govern our land Strong enough to rule the heart of every man, this thing called love It can lift you up, it can put you down Take your world and turn it all around Ever since time nothing's ever been found stronger than love Men like me they worry and doubt Trouble their minds day in and day out Too busy a livin' to worry about a thing called love And then I see a mother's tenderness As she holds her young close to her breast Then I say thank God this world will win with the thing called love

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