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I think of you every minute of just about every other day It's funny but the tv dosen't seem to make my thoughts about you go away Every time I think of you I start to follow clues can't call you from my shoe 99 The bathtub girls I see on bikes in Lakeview all look too much like you and 99 I've got a job to do but I can't concentrate anything else at this time I know I should be gettting smart but since we've been apart I can't even count as high as 99 Don't tell me you're a double agent I asked you not to tell me that I'd join you in a New York minute 'cause you're so rad and that's a fact When you left me things were Kaotic and I think I almost lost Control But now I am a little less psychotic and my mission's not impossible I will find another girl like 99 you know the world is full of 99' but I'll remember you 99

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