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Versuri What Is Right

Gotta learn soon that things never last Cause I'm a punk rock christian with a bug up my ass Gotta know now if it's all worth a fight Cause if there's really a god then what else is right ? What is right (x4) Gotta lot of people don't like my attitude I don't know what the fuck I should do If you think it's OK when I rip in a song Then why when I do it to you is it wrong I gotta girl and I know I'm in love If you fight all the time can that be enough ? I gotta girl and I know that she loves me So why should I feel fucked up, shut out, hoced up, shut up in destiny ? FUCK!

Ultima melodie What Is Right Screeching Weasel album. Melodiei asculta descarca muzica straina versuri melodia versuri cuvintele versurile melodiei.

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