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Versuri 99 Ways To Die

If I see the morning hours I'll have one more yesterday Take life from tomorrow Cause I've burned out my today If I get up to the top I know I'll just go back downhill Gotta' terminal future And it's time to write my will Down another glass of courage And a shot of thorazine We're not ready to see you yet 99 ways to die We're not ready to see you yet Gotta' short between the earphones Wringing my hands in dismay A more efficient maniac With two feet in the grave Ain't got no last words to say Yellow streak right up my spine The gun in my mouth was real And the taste blew my mind In a black tie and straight jacket Man I'm gonna try again Chorus repeat Demitasse of arsenic Try on this tie Never mind the tree There is only death and danger In the sockets of my eyes A playground of illusion No one plays they only die There's a prison in my mind And the bars are gonna break I'm as mad as a hatter And strung out just the same Taunting rigor mortis I feel it draw me in

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