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So you’ve packed up all your makeup And you grabbed your magazines And you’re leaving in the morning On a train I guess I’ve taken you for granted I guess I messed this up again I think I’ve finally learned my lesson But too late One thing always leads to another One foot slips and down goes the other One and one is two but it's just me So until you're here Chorus: I’m waiting, I’m waiting here I’m waiting Any day, any night, anyplace, anytime And I made this bed I lay in But I should’ve called the maid Such a heavy-handed lover, such a shame I’m not too proud to say I’m sorry If it’d bring you back again If it’d mother all the orphans in my head And one things always leads to another So until you’re here. . . Chorus She’s setting like a sun on the horizon I’m running through the fields to chase her down I’d stare into the sun ’til I am blinded Just hoping for a glimpse of where she’s bound I’d rather lose my sight than all my feeling I’m better when I feel my way around I’m better when I got you there beside me I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting Chorus I’ll try to remember forever and ever Is only as long as you plan to stay here So come and remind me if you got the time Any day, any night, anyplace, anytime

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