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Seventeen we were too young To be thinking about the future To be worried about the consequence of fun. . . It’s just fun Yeah we grew up oh so fast Now we’re longing for the innocence We swore ourselves would never pass But it has passed Chorus: Won’t you listen to the words I’m speaking Won’t you listen to the words I’m speaking Time could take this pain away and save us If we learn to trust again Now I’m waking with the dawn And there’s no rest with the hollowness that’s moved into my soul since you’ve been gone Where have you gone I’ve got nothing left to give I’ve given all my gifts to you Now I’ve just got the bags from where I’ve been Where have I been Chorus So sorry they hurt us, so sorry they lied So sorry they left us, so sorry we died inside But I’m glad to be with you, I’m glad we survived And we’ll be alright if we let it ride and just let it shine tonight

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