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Versuri Center Of The World

She took the money she stole the car keys Told off the junkie at the liquor store Once again she said she got it But she just don’t get it Got my arms wide open like I’ve done before A thousand times before And I can’t sleep tonight Not knowing if you’re alright Chorus: And she has got to be the life of everything And she’s got nothing left but still she goes Do you ever know I am waiting and it’s so frustrating ’Cause you’re never quite a happy girl Your the center of the world And if there’s one thing One thing that scares me It’s that I tend to see myself in you Don’t see the picture my head’s a blister I live in slo-mo ’ cause I like the view Chorus And she steals beauty from the face of sincerity She takes everything She is not much more than just another pretty face And still no peace awaits . . . Chorus

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