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From the Album: * Lovesweat On a long and lonesome highway East of Omaha You can listen to the engine Moanin’ out it’s one note song You can think about the woman Or the girl you knew the night before But your thoughts will soon be wandering The way they always do When your ridin’ sixteen hours And there’s nothing there to do And you don’t feel much like ridin’ You just wish the trip was through Refrain: Here I am, on the road again Here I am, on the stage Here I go, playin’ star again Here I go, turn the page Well you walk into a restaurant All strung out from the road And feel the eyes upon ya As you’re shakin’ off the cold You pretend it doesn’t bother you But you just want to explode Most times you can’t hear ‘em talk Other times you can It’s the same old cliché’s Is it woman, is it man and you always seem outnumbered So you don’t dare make a stand (refrain) Out there in the spotlight You’re a million miles away Every ounce of energy You try to give away As the sweat pours out your body Like the music that you play Later in the evening As you lie awake in bed With the echoes from the amplifiers Ringin’ in your head You smoke the day’s last cigarette Remembring what she said Refrain: 2x Etc.

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