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From the Album: * To the hilt And the classic ways still on play Violins bitter sweet String quartet – pass around the hat You broke my heart – don’t you hurt my head… After Violet and me saw the Paganini movie We took a walk around the block to digest The grand finale A street-music man with shades and cane Played the fiddler insane – for a case load of Spare change and the smiles of people passing Between morning paper sins and waves of violins It said they found him dead – his bow had Made him bad friends Cold blooded, warm hearted violin Hooked on high speed energy Cold blooded, warm hearted violin Cats gut pumpin’ adrenalin Warm blooded – cold hearted violins See em live tonight in the city… And the classic way – still on play Violins better sweet String quartet – pass around the hat You broke my heart – don’t you hurt my head I’ve gotta find a little peace of mind Cause the real thing is a mean thing I guess nobody knew – the Barcelona Zoo Has an albino monkey – that can trigger the mood And provoke – monkey motions So when the shit flies high – Through the Barcelona sky – the crowd stands by A – cheering! I can hear em playin’ Kinda light ‘n neat All the gals ‘re swayin’ The guys are in for meat It’s all cute ‘n rosy Till the needle hits a crack Listen to that screech repeatin’ Watch the flags go slack Forever

Golden Earring mp3 descarca cantece versurile muzica. Melodia Violins cantece cuvinte piesa muzica straina versuri versuri cantece mp3.

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