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Versuri Burning Stuntman

From the Albums: * Naked II * Last blast of the century Specialize in danger – I’m from Niagara Falls And now I sit here waitin’ Like an idiot for your call Words cannot explain That rattlesnake in my bones Guess it’s time to face the truth I stand here licked by love And in the name of love I wanna go go go, like a burning stuntman (4x) I fry exposed to fire of course Choke up while I’m breathin’ smoke Come on quench the fire inside my soul I wanna go go go A slumbering volcano About to explode Puttin’ on a smile and then you’re takin’ of your clothes Words cannot explain My heart’s red pepper blue And my blood goes boilin’ every time I thing of you I’m in danger how ‘bout you I wanna go go go, like a burning stuntman (4x) You fry exposed to fire of course Like a flame whisperin’ to a moth Come on quench the fire inside my heart I wanna go go go

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