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I saw it on a cereal box, 'said it costs just three mere bucks I shipped it off with seven tops, and waited by the mail. In seven weeks it finally came, I ripped the box without no shame, I turned it on, it fell apart but that was just the start. I know the time is right, won't let the chance go by. I'll give it one more try before I send, before I send it back. I met her at an Eastown bar, I knew it wouldn't go real far. I called her up, we had a date, another after that. Then there was a sudden change, the silly girl forgot my name, I knew it was just all her game but it could not be the same.

Melodiei mp3 mp3 mp3. Cuvintele Send You Back versuri asculta muzica straina cuvinte descarca descarca versurile piesa Mustard Plug versuri ultima melodie piesa ultima melodie.

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