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MENDOZA! I was hanging with my friends and they said I looked peaked I said I met a girl and she's making me freaked Like no other girl that I've known before She's driving me wild, knocks me flat on the floor yeah she stole my heart with a butter knife And I can't get away even if I try Mendoza, Mendoza, why can't you see? That you're the only girl, you're the girl for me Mendoza You got me burning now You got me reaching out And I don't know how That I'll make it without you You got me hanging by a string and tied up in chains Girl you gotta set me free cause you're holding the reigns You got me living in the shadow of your mountain of love Girl you gotta help me up send a rope from above Cause there is only one girl who can rock my world Just one little chick and I know that girl Like a key to a lock, things can never be the same Yeah I know that girl, Yeah I know her name... She took a rusty stiletto and she slaughtered my heart Wrapped her finger 'round my mind, that was only the start Dumped cement in my stomach just to even the score And when she was done I only asked for more, More, MORE! Cause you're too much woman for a man like me And my love grows faster than a growing weed Mendoza, Mendoza, why can't you see That you're the only girl, you're the girl for me

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