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Versuri Suburban Homesick Blues

Saw an old friend, yeah just the other day Went to his house, got lost along the way Should've known better than to venture out that side of town It's been a while since we had last talked Knew things would change, but not the way I thought It's funny how priorities change when you walk across the rail Lost I'm feeling lost I'm feeling lost in the suburbs again I gotta find my way out now Driving home my hands upon the wheel Driving in circles, more than how I feel Got that funny feeling that I've been here once before Every house, yeah they all look the same Streets all alike, just different by the name And I know it's true, 'cause I've seen it through the core Mediocracy: just the status quo But ya know, it's not the way to go Conformity traps you in like a herd behind a wire Some people flee, I'd rather face the storm They run to the hills, for sheep it's just the norm But I'd rather burn, than to never feel the fire

Mp3 album melodiei versuri descarca muzica Mustard Plug melodiei. Melodia ultima melodie piesa versuri muzica straina Suburban Homesick Blues versurile versurile melodiei.

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