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Your rosy lips tease me when you speak and the way you smell just makes me freak. The sound of your voice is giving me chills and the warmth of your skin gives me such a thrill. You're giving me willies and there's shivers down my spine. One look at you logic's left behind. Girl, you're an apple who is in my eye cause you're as warm as fire and as sweet as pie. One look at you and I don't want to be a loner. Girl, you make me feel like a schoolboy with a boner. Since you crossed my path nothing was the same. Your simple chants caused a flux in my brain. I can't hold my lunch and you're making me sweat. My life is in chaos since the day that we met. I trip on my feet, I walk into walls, my voice is always quavering, not taking the fall. When you're not around my heart's in despair, but when you say my name girl, I'm walking on air. Oi vay I'm giving up my hope. I hawked at a pawnshop. I should've known better, should've known to be a loan shark. I made my mistake, made it from the start. I should've followed my head instead of my heart. Well, I got no choice, got to jump in the pool. Gotta go head first though I feel like a fool. Gotta say how I I feel. Gotta stake my claim. Gotta act like a nerd, gotta go insane. Gotta swallow my pride, it's really not bad to lose. If there's a chance in hell than it's worth all I do. Gotta mean what I say, gotta say what I mean, cause you're the only honey who is making my scene. (chorus) asculta melodiei melodiei cantece piesa Mustard Plug melodia. Cuvintele piesa Schoolboy versuri muzica straina descarca cuvintele versuri versurile

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