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Versuri No Pain

I'm the demon, you can trust me I'm the demon, as you can see I'm the demon, for you are free You'll be safe if you listen to me Just a taste is all you need You'll feel better with help from me Hungry for your brain to ease If you don't take it you go crazy You're a man can do what you want Noone tells you to do or don't The demon is here when you're feeling weak Take some of this, listen when i speak Take this stuff, it'll fix your life You'll love it more than your wife You give up, and you'll be ruled You'll be one of the devil's fools Just try a little, you can help yourself To feel no pain equals all the wealth Take some more cause it's almost time One more shot and your soul is mine See the world through black glasses Watch my life as it passes Through the city to the gates of hall The demons there all will know me well In the pain of my nightmare Just give me more cause I don't care Take me deeper, take me down Demons wait for you underground Walk with demons beneath your feet You have things you must take, and dealers to meet You cant control the spin, not by the shape that you're in How could you tell you would wake up in hell

Ultima melodie muzica straina cantece cuvintele cuvintele. Versuri descarca cuvinte mp3 melodiei album ultima melodie album No Pain descarca versurile MD.45 versuri.

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