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Versuri Day The Music Died

Maybe you might have heard But no one spoke a word The day the planet cried The day the music died Each day another dream Killed by the music scene All access was denied The day the music died We paid for everything But back not a single thing Our talents were all sucked dry The day the music died We saw it on T.V. In all the magazines We thought the news had lied The day the music died This is make believe This is not for real This won't last forever This won't last at all Eliminate the scene It's illegal now to sing Outlaws ask the reasons why The day the music died Now imprisoned for my craft I smile and have to laugh In my head the music's still alive The day the music died As all our hopes were dashed Seems that all our throats were slashed How could all our songs survive The day the music died Greedy fat bureaucrats Care only for sales and stats Woke up with dollar signs in their eyes The day the music died

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