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Versuri Fight Hate

Fight, something's different Hate, something's different Fight, something's different Hate, something's gotta change I guess hate is dead or At least that's what I read Can't we all get along, well We do now the newspapers says It's great to be here today Now that hate's gone away We'll all be feeling great Now that we've conquered hate Somebody said, and I quote, I hear that's what they said Yeah Hate's made obsolete By man's superior intellect Animals don't hate They're too smart, deserve more respect Hate's no longer cool And it's time for a new dawn And we've done our part With this anti-hate song Fine, from now on We're no longer afflicted with hate Hate messed with the best, and died like the rest Hate don't walk, it crawls, hate's got no balls Hatred is dead, it's screamed, kicked, and bled Hate lost the war, hate's days are over Hate burned its flag, hate's bound and gagged Hate race is run, stick a fork in hate's done Hate disappears, ain't heard hate in years Hate's got no place in the U.S. of A.

Versuri descarca mp3 Fight Hate cantece MD.45 muzica versuri muzica straina ultima melodie. Asculta album melodiei

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