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Versuri Need Her

From the Album: * No promises no debts I’m not into false feelin’s of self-pity And I don’t cry that much But I feel like a cripple Little orphan that’s lost his little crutch Isn’t it true she’s lyin’ suicidal fool Always testin’ her luck And when I’m with her I wanna be without her again As soon as I can before I get stuck Need her to make my life more complicated Need her to get myself all constipated Need her like a knife stickin’ in my back Need her to get me off the right track I need her chokin’ me to the death Missles and rockets hidden in her pockets And I’m tryin’ to stay out a range But she says I’m an amateuristic son of a bitch And she scores another point again When she slams the door behind her And I know I won’t see her for at least another month or so My blood starts boilin’ and I feel like screamin’ That I goddamn need her so But when I’m with her I wanna be without her again As soon as I can That’s the way it always goes with Anita

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