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Versuri My Town

From the Albums: * Prisoner of the night * 2nd Live My town is sittin’ on the ocean My town paradise livin’ My town is all right I’ve got fine friends livin’ ‘round the corner Crazy friends party every night My town is all right I’ll give you some time to make up your mind Give you some time To pack a samsonite Gotta start lookin’ for the signs The signs leadin’ to my town We’ve got big girls sittin’ in the red light Pretty girls bakin’ in the sunlight Our girls are all right I got no fear for the cops & the robber I drink beer with the drunks & the dealer Our town - my town is all right Give you some time To make up your mind Give you some time To pack a samsonite We’re gonna set this city on fire Come alive - get down to my town My town is floatin’ down the river My town lies dreamin’ in the valley My town is all right We’ve got nightclubs - discothecs - theatres Shoeshine and cheap parking meters Our town is all right We’re on fire down in my town

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