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I’ve found all the love I ever wanted Things so sweet I never could explain Hold me like a prisoner who has nowhere to escape Tied forever to a lover’s chain. You showed me the strongest love is gentle Softer than the lightest summer rain You don’t have to try at all to keep me where I am Locked forever in the lover’s chain. Some friends would like to take me back to where I used to be They can’t believe my old ways have all died They wont listen to me when I try to make them see A little love can keep me satisfied. It took a while to make my heart surrender Surrender proved so easy when it came Now nothing in this crazy world could take my heart away From the sweetness of your lover’s chain. I’ve discovered my remedy of heaven By your side forever I’ll remain All the doubtful pleasures of my past could not compare With the sweetness of your lover’s chain. With the sweetness of your lover’s chain.

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