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So I looked into a dream and found you there For the laughter in your eyes I looked everywhere Such a long time searching, and the vision almost died When I saw your face I cried. So I took out all the prayers I’d said for you And I lay them at your feet and they all came true Then I felt the tingle of a turning tide And as I thanked the lord I cried. And I cried in recognition, of the fact that my conviction After all this time had proven to be true All my tears were shed in secret in the chamber of a heart That had insisted in believing I’d find you. From the gardens of my soul I pick a rose Then I listen while my heart started to compose A song of hope unending, many oceans wide When you sang my song I cried. So I thought of all the times I’ve been alone So much love inside my heart looking for a home I chose a star of beauty as my friend and guide When it led me to your door I cried. When it led me to your door I cried.

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