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Versuri Dance With Me

Dance with me kick off your shoes Loosen your hair Just let the music carry us where we can lose All of our midnight blues Oh wont you dance with me Dance with me easy and slow Gently we will glide And the ebb and the flow of this musical tide we will sail Like boats in a fairy tale Oh wont you dance with me Dance with me Lets roll all our heart broken dreams into one Dance with me Till all of the sorrows gone Dance with me Moonlight and stars Stand at the door Lets see how far we can travel before we are found Homeward bound Oh wont you dance with me Dance with me Whenever I hold you the magic begins Dance with me To a love song of sweet violins The music The movement Them roman's are casting A spell on me And just for a moment my cares are forgotten And I feel free Body and soul Prefect and whole Oh wont you dance with me Oh wont you dance with me

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