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Versuri Lone Star State Of Mind

Your phone call took me by surprise Gee its been a long, long time Since those hot and humid Texas nights We went swimmin’ in the tide Corpus Cristi seems so far away And I’m not talkin’ ‘bout the miles There ain’t much I wouldn’t give today Just to see one of your smiles CHORUS: But I’m stuck here in Denver Sippin’ California wine And I’ve got all night to remember you I’m in a lone star state of mind I just saw John Wayne on the late, late show He saved the girl and rode away But I was hopin’ as the credits rolled He’d make it back to her some day An’ its a thousand miles or more From here to your front door Oh, I’d be there tomorrow if I had my way Well, I’d jus’ pack up my guitar You know its really not that far And when you called you said I’d have a place to stay

Lone Star State Of Mind ultima melodie album Don Williams versuri descarca. Piesa cantece muzica straina cuvinte cuvinte versuri melodia album cantece.

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