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Versuri Come Early Morning

I been walking, walking in the moonlight Tripping in the starlight, Lord and I’m feeling down Walking in the shadows, sneaking down a side road Come early morning I’ll be there on the edge of town I was a thinking, thinking ‘bout a good thing Thinking bout a sweet dream, in my honey’s eyes And I was a sinking’, feeling kind of lonesome Come early morning I’ll be home at my honey’s side CHORUS: I have drifted up across the mountain and I have stumbled down the other side And I’ve been tempted, tried and troubled Come early morning I’ll be home and satisfied She give me little loving, gives me little sunshine Makes me have a good time, Lord when I’m feeling’ blue I couldn’t refuse her, well I couldn’t misuse her Come early morning I’ll be home with my honey dew cuvinte melodiei Come Early Morning versuri Versuri Don Williams muzica versurile album mp3 muzica straina muzica album.

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