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They call me Catfish Bates 'Cause I can catch a catfish anytime I want to Even when the moon man tells me they won’t bite They call me Catfish Bates 'Cause I know where that big ole flathead’s a hiddin’. I’m a gonna take him home with me tonight I am the king of Looseyhatchie My home is on the river And them catfish they all know me by my sigh I keep my nose on the westwind My eye on the water And my mind on my business all the time Well I get me a plug a days worth of tobacco And a can a big ole redworms I go down to where the rivers runnin’ strong I throw my hook out on the water I let it float on down the channel And I’ll have me a big ole flathead ‘for too long Oh when they bury me I want to be somewhere on the river With a big ole flathead layin’ on my stone And them catfish will all be prayin They’ll be flatheads up in heaven So my ghost will leave them hatchie cats alone

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