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From the Albums: * Face it * Last blast of the century Went down to the liquor store - Had enough - but I needed more Give me a six pack, I got money - I got cash - Take my life Break the seal Take my knife Cut the waitin’ - say the word No hesitatin’ - can’t you see that I’m hungry! I been a dirty liar, a cold-hearted diplomat And now I keep on tryin’ Tryin’ hard to forget I used to be a coward, No Clark Gable No stick of dynamite No funky fire sign This river’s runnin’ dry You’ll never capture It’s liquid soul! Daylight I’m angry Lonely, but I found Somethin’ solid gold On this endless road I like the glow When the fire turns to coal And I see your mystery Send me on my way Sometimes I wander Sometimes I leave for good Livin’ up my fantasy Livin’ in a world like you She ask me do you love me I answer I don’t know She ask me do you love me Yes I love you girl! Givin’ up my freedom Givin’ up my fantasy I’m givin’ up!! Go go (Bass solo) Sometimes prisoner Sometimes I feel free I’m livin’ up - livin’ up Livin’ up my fantasy Already know the answer Information plain to see Through the muddy water No sticks of dynamite No need for sacrifice This river ain’t runnin’ dry You’ll never capture It’s liquid soul!!

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