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I picture things a certain way Then go back to it another day The green mind said it's okay Cause you know where they're gonna be All's you have to do is come with me It's cool, they're probably asleep On the outside That's where they always hide Come to my side And I'll introduce you to Some of their kind I know you've always tried And now it's your time to take in Their point of view Oh it's nothing new I been bouncing off the wall I can't handle them for long They're cool, but I need you On a certain level I think they're great But on another I can't relate To anything they do On the outside Might be with them tonight Unless you decide to come in I'll check out you Hangin' heavy, such a routine I've just begun to forget why I seldom try To break out of their scene And now I gotta work on you So the frogs will hang They'll always be hangin' Now we're here, what do we do I've been sortin' through the pros And cons of your eyes, they're well told Can't you help move it along? I been pickin' through my thoughts It's a shame I just can't rot And I sure feel rotten long [Solo] On the outside Well, it'll be a while I gotta unfry 'Fore I pick it up with you Help me Do I need that stable care? Don't I know that they'll be there? Does that count now you've appeared? Do I need that stable tore? Or do I jump for something more? Are you all that I fear? I been pickin' through my thoughts It's a shame I just can't rot And I sure feel rotten long It's a call that's tough to make It could be a big mistake Can't you help move it along? If I keep stewin' 'bout how I feel The plate will split, then I won't have to deal Sounds like a plan But it's kind of lame to let it slide Knowin' either way I haven't tried Can't figure out where it all stands In a green mind

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