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The rain has washed my dog with fear A question people think, I call a friend And the next wave is valentine See yourself call, No big deal Ever since that's not a fear Wishin, the lamp would shine And beam me at it, Give me some fuel Find a way, to clog it up alone Terrified, the way you stand Feeling natural behind the phone Rain has fallen, the tree does cry And ? [mumbling...] And the toads are running free And ? [mumbling...] It's no fun to that's what stinks Bought a carrot and still can't see You know I've been wating for 6 years For a ray of hope, leaves me a float Then I could believe in sunshine In the winter time, mountains glow There's always so much to adore There's a little scenic picture on my skull See the second building Imagine, Where'd You go All I wanna know baby Does it float Does it float Does it float Does it float Does it float Does it float Does it float Does it Float Does it Float Does Float Why Does it float Does it float

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