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A time was when it seemed appropriate to walk away And now you got to try to stay They all asked me, then you asked me I was kind of stunned Now it's me who wants to run I've no right falling all around you Suffocating bugs surround you It's a shame that's what it's done to you It came so easily, I let it follow me right down Crept in close without a sound They all told me, then you told me but I stayed around Then it hit, I hit the ground No discussion could improve this Next time gonna have to lose this No way in I'm gonna hate it I'll try not to overstate it When I finally plan my trip I know you're gonna be there When it's time I finally flip I know you're gonna be there [Solo] It seemed immediate You stuck me and you walked away It upsets me either way I do anything if anything won't come too late Not the best way to set things straight No discussion could improve this Gonna be a pain to lose this Even you could not excuse this

Ultima melodie versurile versuri Even You cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele ultima melodie melodiei cantece cuvinte. Piesa album Dinosaur Jr versuri asculta.

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