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Fool, fool heart, what have you done I thought by now you’d had enough but Oh no, you’ve got me falling in love again Fool, fool heart, guess you’ll never learn Taking chances like you do isn’t smart My fool, fool heart Fool, fool heart how quickly you forget Just when you were about to mend You get to feeling lucky so you try it again You’re a fool, fool heart think you’re bound to get it right And that love’s just a puzzle with a missing part But you’re a fool, fool heart Fool heart, God only knows How you make it through the highs and the lows Fool heart I wouldn’t mind if I thought it would be the last time Fool, fool heart, you know We’ve been through this before Seems like you said you’d given up That you were through with being lost in love My fool, fool heart guess you’ve got to play love’s game Still the losing is the hardest part, my fool, fool heart Still the losing is the hardest part, my fool, fool heart

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