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Go! Now I'm older and my mind is set I'm moving like a guided missile haven't reached my target yet I'm loaded with anger and adrenaline get so mad and raged sometimes I forget where I've been My thoughts are cluttered I'm confused That causes a shortening of my already burning fuse Been cheated on a chance to lead a normal life Everything I've ever done has always ended in strife In the night, the night always brings the pain I feel so dirty, my hands, my hands are stained Can't see eye to eye with anyone, my mind is set and done You can't argue with a loaded gun Sometimes, sometimes I feel I'm going insane with all these sick thoughts in my head I'm going evil in the brain I lack any type of common sense 'cause I always want to solve all my problems with my fists and violence I think I'm going insane I want to give fear to the world Evil in the brain you can't reason with a lunatic I'm evil, evil in the brain Evil in the brain are the only words I can use to describe what I saw, how I grew and what I didn't want to know I see the world die and not last long enough to see the blood dry I'll die! Smirking and laughing as long as I get my goals in sight That's right, it's end is what I wish for every night And the world is going to hell in a hand basket all I want to do is fill it's casket I'm losing the cancerous tumor in my head I call a brain I'm losing control evil in the brain Kindness or hatred, I can't tell the difference evil in the brain I wanna give fear to the world evil in the brain You can't reason with a lunatic I'm evil, evil in the brain Sick ideas seem so normal inside my brewing hate but in everyday life I'm totally abnormal And all I see is red I was misled I wish I was dead instead of having being bled And now it's me against the world Right or wrong, I haven't changed this long because my madness is that strong But in the end the world will pay I won't be held responsible there's never been another way I'm losing the cancerous tumor in my head I call a brain I've lost it I'm going evil, evil in the brain No pity for the suffering of the world 'cause my mind is fucked and my heart is cold Look at my face, there's no grace and I'm laced with disgust for the entire human race My mind is a fury traumatized by all their shit and lies Broken promises and endless hatred for the world, it dies! A recipe for madness in a sick cold world I can't go on with these cards I've been dealt I'll just fold Evil in the brain evil in the brain

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