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Versuri Hurt You

What you see is what you get What you said ain't always what you meant Things were said and things were done But in the end who turned tail and run You were so blind and you were riding so high But you'll see my face alone when you cry The tables have turned on you Look inside yourself see the real you I just want to hurt you I just want to make you feel my pain I am dying silently I will lash out and make you see Hear your laughter and watch your leisure Bash your learning face to disfigure Coming after you with a vengeance to stop the resurgence of your failed devotions Judge yourself before you judge me You're no better than I am You will see A message toward your bleeding hearts Get out our way before our hatred starts The state, my state of mind is only hate The hate that dwells inside of me is to infuriate I can't begin to describe what's inside I hide the fatal thoughts of final suicide There's many things that I have to sort within my head It's all the bullshit that as a kid I was fed I can't tell who's real and who's fuckin fake I take a breath before I seal your fuckin fate I just want to hurt you I just want to make you feel my pain Look around you see the world decay Can't you see that I don't see things the same way that you do muzica straina Hurt You cantece Blood For Blood melodia melodiei. Muzica versuri descarca versuri piesa cantece melodia descarca.

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